Anxiety (Foster Care in 5-7-5)

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We all feel anxious from time to time. As adults, if we are able to properly regulate our emotions, anxiety doesn’t last long and we continue with life as normal. Children tend to have a harder time with anxiety and with being able to communicate their anxiety.

It has happened with multiple children in our care: Everyone is in bed, asleep. Then we are stirred by a rapping of knuckles on our bedroom door. We answer and are met with a sad face and the words, “My tummy hurts.” It’s one of the ways children process anxiety. Usually the situation is momentarily remedied by a Tums, a hug, and tucking the child back into bed. Until it occurs again the next night.

The good news is, at least in our experience, that given time this passes. The child becomes use to us and our home. We better learn their personalities–the things that make them happy and the things that trigger their trauma memory. We are able to better end the day on positive notes and the tummy aches disappear.

We have also found other things have helped: Nightlights (regardless of age), reading to the children at bedtime and saying a goodnight prayer with them, or finding a favorite toy or stuffed animal they can keep in bed or close at hand. We also learned that different situations can cause anxiety and then anticipate it better.

If you are a foster parent or have children who struggle with anxiety, what are some things you have learned that help your children face their worries and fears? Comment below and let us know!

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