Uncertainty (Foster Care in 5-7-5)

Background image cred: unsplash.com/@travelergeek

Whenever we say yes to a new placement, there is always uncertainty. Did we make the right choice? Will this situation be best for the child and our family? Are we equipped to handle the trauma behaviors when they occur? It is understandable that we have many questions that we express to the caseworkers and that we ponder internally.

Yet, we must not forget that the child/children also face uncertainty. Our placements have ranged from as young as 9 months to as old as 11 years. Uncertainty is almost universal in their eyes, when they first step foot in our home. This is true no matter their age, their situation, whether or not they came with siblings, and whether or not they’ve been in foster care before. They didn’t choose their situation. Sometimes, behaviors will follow as a result.

Uncertainty is inherent in foster care. Eventually, as a foster parent, you get used to the unusual and uncertain. The confusion in the child’s eyes fades with time as well. Uncertainty, however, is always certain. So, expect it and be patient.

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